Wednesday, November 17, 2010


As you can see, we took a quick vacation at the beginning of November. We went to California with my parents. It was really a fun trip. Carter was pretty excited about the airplane ride. We spent a night in SanDiego and visited Sea World while we were there. Shamu was everyone's favorite, of course. Then we drove to Anaheim for Disneyland! We had some long days, but the kids did great! Even Jason had a great time. (Can you believe I got him to take a vacation during hunting season?)

Lightning McQueen is number one!

Shyanne was not too pleased with goofy.

Jason and Carter made a sand castle just in time for the waves to sweep it away. The kids were quite captivated with the beach.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Hunting Season 2010

Jason's nice mule deer buck. He was really excited to find this guy as good mule deer are hard to find around here.

Bull elk harvested at the end of September. Jason is all about archery hunting these days.

Carter loves shooting his .22, this photo is along the Missouri River. We all went for a family hunting trip on opening day. It was fun and the picnic was great. My favorite part of any hunting trip is always the food. Jason, on the other hand, would starve to death and not even notice.