Sunday, October 18, 2009

I'm pathetic!

Can you even believe that it is coming up on the end of October and I have only updated my blog once this year... and that was back in January. I'm sorry that I'm so pathetic. Lots of things have been keeping us busy...too many to name, really. We've been back and forth across the state several times visiting both sides of the family. I had my 10 year high school reunion in July. It was fun to catch up with everyone. A little over half of the class was there, so I was impressed with the showing we had. Carter is now 4. He can't wait until next year when he will be "a whole hand." Carter started pre-school in September. He has come home with some pretty awesome halloween songs that they are learning. He loves his teacher, Miss Brooke. Shy is talking more every day. She pretty much tells us what to do now. Everything in the world is "mine" according to Shyanne. She runs a quick sprint out into the street, so I always have to be on my toes. Jason got his elk already, so I'm pumped about that. Now we're hoarding firewood to keep us warm for the upcoming winter chill. We actually have already had our first cold snap. It snowed a few inches a little over a week ago and got into the single digits at night. The leaves on all the trees were still green so they just froze. It kind of stinks because now we won't get any pretty fall colors. Just dead brown leaves. Oh well, there's always next year. Oh yeah, we've also managed to completely re-do our basement (bye bye 70's lounge) and we also had the house painted (bye bye pistachio green). We just had our garage door replaced as our darling dog managed to chew his way through the old one on more than one occasion. Things are looking better around here:)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy, Happy Birthday Baby!

Our little girl is already a year old! Time really does fly. We were busy out of town for meetings on the actual day, so we celebrated late. She'll never know. Here are some great cupcake photos. There was a bit of drama when she put the candle out with her finger. oops. She quickly recovered after the first taste!